The Shepperd Leadership Institute remains rooted in John Ben Shepperd’s legacy and is currently rebuilding and reimaging itself for the future.

John Ben Sheppered

John Ben Shepperd dedicated his life to public service, encouraging civic engagement, and promoting leadership. As a former Texas Secretary of State and Texas Attorney General, Shepperd believed public leadership was the highest calling a person could receive and answer.

Leadership programs offered by the Shepperd Institute honor John Ben Shepperd’s legacy of public leadership and service for Texans of all ages and walks of life.

The Shepperd Leadership Institute partnered with Midland ISD to provide leadership development to high schoolers

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Ellen Noël Art Museum

The University of Texas Permian Basin is proud to partner with the Ellen Noël Art Museum and provide it a temporary home while its building is closed for construction and expansion.

The Ellen Noël Art Museum is now housed with the Shepperd Leadership Institute and the Presidential Archives inside the Buddy and Shirley West Building (4919 E. University Blvd). The partnership keeps the Ellen Noël Art Museum open and allows its experts to reanimate and accession the Presidential Archives. That means the doors to the Buddy and Shirley West Building are open to the public and inside you will find an Ellen Noël art gallery, a curated Presidential Archives display, and the Shepperd Leadership Institute.

At UT Permian Basin, one of our foundational pillars is service to our region and one of our core values is collaboration. This partnership lives out both – keeping the Permian Basin’s only Smithsonian Affiliate Museum open and breathing new life into the Presidential Archives.

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